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To connect the legs to the body, just blend the clay the way you blended the ears to the head in step 7 Remember , the legs you bent inward are the hind legs. Do the same thing for you did with steps 7 and 8.

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Remember to blend the head and body really good, because my pony's head kept falling off! THIS is actually the easiest step! Press the eyes onto the head of your pony place it under the ear. To make your mane and tail, take two block of clay of the color you want. There is pretty much no official way to make your mane, but I'd base it off of a picture or drawing. In my case, I came up with the pony.

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I think you know how to attach clay parts by now, so attach your mane to the head, and the tail to the rump! You're almost done! For details you might want to take a clay carving tool and scratch a mouth and nose on the pony. Also, make a cutie mark out of scrap clay my pony's cutie mark is fire. You can also do other details such as To make wings take four balls of your first clay color. Press out two of them and make them look like claws. Then, take the other two, and make even bigger and longer "claws". Then, attach the smaller "claw" to the bottom of the bigger ones.

To make horns take one ball of your first clay color and roll it like a hotdog. Keep rolling one end until it is a bit sharp. You are done with the wings and horns! Attach the wing right after the mane ends on either side of your pony.

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To attach the horn, just put it on one side of your pony's mane on their head. You are now done with your own my little pony! Depending on if it air dries or oven dries, make sure it's dry. My pony is a pegasus I created named Timmy, and his cutie mark is fire.

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You can also see my Big Macintosh I made. If you make a clay pony, post a pic in the comments! I really like the Big Macintosh!

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Aki Kanada Akira Ishida Older. Cathy Weseluck David Kaye Older. Masako Katsuki Miyuki Sawashiro Young. Michelle Creber. Sayuri Yahagi.

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Claire Corlett. Sanae Kobayashi. Madeleine Peters. Tomokazu Sugita Hikaru Midorikawa Young. As the name implies, this series revolves around the importance of friendship, even ending the episodes with a Pony writing a lesson about friendship to their Princess.

This popular series began its fifth season on April 4 th. In , these same characters took on the form of human girls or a boy puppy in the case of Spike for Equestria Girls. To retrieve a stolen crown, Princess Twilight Sparkle travels to another dimension where she meets all of her friends, but they are human versions of themselves attending Canterlot High.

In , Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks came out, where the girls find themselves participating in a battle of the bands to save the school, and possibly the world! Now you can go and impress all your friends with your Pony knowledge. Which Ponies are your favorites? Tell us in the comments below!