Manual Choosing Home: Deciding to Homeschool With Aspergers Syndrome

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Because students with ASD process visual information more efficiently than auditory information, instructional information should be provided in a visual format. Visual supports address some of the challenges that students with ASD experience, such as anxiety, organization, and problem solving.

They encompass a range of materials from visual schedules and graphic organizers to task cards and pictures that facilitate choice making.

How to Homeschool a Child with ADHD or Special Needs

Visual supports can also help with initiating and maintaining conversations and transitions. Most students with ASD struggle with transitions and new situations, becoming anxious and confused.

Homeschooling Children with Autism

Priming, a strategy by which an adult previews activities, is designed to decrease anxiety that accompanies change and new situations. A teacher or parent can prime a student for an entire day or an activity. In priming, the actual materials that are going to be used are review with the student. This process may involve looking through a book, skimming though a test, or showing the student a sample of a final product. Priming is easy to use and involves minimal time. An intervention that previews information or activities with which a child is likely to have difficulty. A home base is a place where the student can go to plan or review daily events; escape stress of their environment; or regain control if a meltdown has occurred.

Choosing Home

The location of home base is not important? Home base should never be used as time out or as an escape from tasks. For example, when student goes to home base, she takes her assignment with her. The home base may contain sensory items determined to help the student calm herself, such as a bean bag chair, weighted blanket, or mini-trampoline.

Their siblings and parents can be their friends. They learn appropriate social interaction in the home setting. And since many of these children suffer with "SI" symptoms Sensory Integration Dysfunction , it is better for them to be educated in a setting free from the unsettling atmosphere of a crowded school room, with its accompanying noises, movement, and demands. The one thing that all of these children have in common is that they easily experience sensory overload. Smith, MD describes as "goosey, touchy kids", meaning that everything bothers them.

Their sensory system shouts "red alert" when something as insignificant as a label on a shirt, a lump in the yogurt, a loud noise, a sock with a seam, stiffer jeans, foods touching on the plate, a change in routine, or an unexpected touch occurs.

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They are not comfortable in their own skin. Anxiety rules much of their day. Asperger's Syndrome, Tony Attwood At home, you can give your child a set schedule for the day, so he knows what to expect, which will give him a good level of comfort. It is also the best setting in which to pinpoint dietary issues that may be contributing to the child's behavior.

Several parents have homeschooled their children with Asperger's syndrome and written books about the methods that they found to work well with these wonderful children. These books provide step-by-step instructions and advice on creating a curriculum for a child with Asperger's syndrome. They have seen their own children overcome many of these unsettling symptoms by balancing their child's body chemistry.

The "Gut" Connection It has been found that there is a strong connection between gut health and symptoms of Sensory Processing Problems and Asperger's syndrome. Early, or prolonged antibiotic use, or intero-exposure to antibiotics or steroids appears to be the dominant factor in this approach. The early or prolonged antibiotic use often creates the overgrowth of yeast and fungus in the child's system.

This upset also tends be the catalyst for food allergies.

Thousands of parents report very positive changes in their child's behavior and learning when they take natural steps to rebalance their child's gut ecology. The Gut and Psychology Syndrome ,.

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Philpott describes the many behavioral manifestations of an allergy. Many parents have seen dramatic changes when they not only reduce sugar and simple carbohydrates, but also when they begin an allergy elimination diet. Many parents find that by adding a targeted enzyme to each of the child's meals, that the child can tolerate a much wider range of foods without behavioral reactions.

Tips for Homeschooling Your Child with ASD

You can read about the enzymes that parents have found to be most effective, at the parent website, www. To find some of these paths, go to the websites: www. To find an "integrative" physician in your area, you can go to www. God has shown us many ways to help our children who have Asperger's-like behaviors to feel more comfortable.