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Neolithic Europe's Remote Heart One thousand years of spirituality, innovation, and social development emerge from a ceremonial center on the Scottish archipelago of Orkney. The Water Temple of Inca-Caranqui Hydraulic engineering was the key to winning the hearts and minds of a conquered people. Gateway to the Netherworld Spectacular finds reveal the millennia-long history of one of Egypt's most important sanctuaries. Letter from France Nearly 20 years of investigation at two rock shelters in southwestern France reveal the well-organized domestic spaces of Europe's earliest modern humans.

Artifact A mid-nineteenth-century trident illustrates a changing marine ecosystem in the South Pacific. Munich Underground A metropolis' modern needs help reveal its hidden history. Archaeology Island More than 4, years of history in only 16 square miles. A Stunning Sacrifice Why were hundreds of valuable objects thrown into a Polish bog more than 1, years ago? World Roundup Correcting the record on Tycho Brahe, a 2.

Letter from Cambodia A territorial dispute involving an 1,year-old Khmer temple on the Thai-Cambodian border turns violent. Inside Hanoi's Forbidden City At the heart of Vietnam's turbulent history for more than 1, years, the citadel of Thang Long is now providing archaeologists their first intimate look into the capital's past.

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Uncovering a Maya Warrior Queen A recently discovered tomb in Guatemala may belong to one of the most powerful women in Maya history. Haunt of the Resurrection Men A forgotten graveyard, the dawn of modern medicine, and the hard life in 19th-century London. Hunley Decoded The discovery of a simple piece of copper is changing how we understand the legendary vessel's last moments.

The Kings of Kent The surprising discovery of an Anglo-Saxon feasting hall in the village of Lyminge is offering a new view of the lives of these pagan kings. Artifact Ceramic figurines were part of a cache of objects found at an Iron Age temple uncovered at the site of Tel Motza outside Jerusalem. The First Vikings Two remarkable ships may show that the Viking storm was brewing long before their assault on England and the continent.

Miniature Pyramids of Sudan Archaeologists excavating on the banks of the Nile have uncovered a necropolis where hundreds of small pyramids once stood.

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Lost Tombs In search of history's greatest rulers. A Future for Icons of the Past Masterpieces of Greek pottery come face-to-face with state-of-the-art technology. Artifact A 13th-century limestone sundial is one of the earliest timekeeping devices discovered in Egypt.

The Everlasting City A new picture emerges of how a settlement of a few reed huts evolved into the powerful city-state that helped set in motion the urban revolution. Wolf Rites of Winter Archaeologists digging a Bronze Age site on the Russian steppes are using evidence from language and mythology to understand a remarkable discovery. An Extreme Life The Kuril Islands, a remote and inhospitable archipelago stretching between Japan and Russia, are providing researchers with insights into the nature of what humans can endure—and what they cannot.

Battlefield: In farmland on Maryland's Eastern Shore, archaeologists have tracked troop movements of an American victory over the British. World Roundup An Ohio brewery tries its hand at Sumerian beer, English archaeologists expose one of the world's oldest railway tunnels, sediments from Lake Malawi contradict a past "volcanic winter," and the oldest evidence of humans consistently eating meat. Letter from Norway The race to find, and save, ancient artifacts emerging from glaciers and ice patches in a warming world.

Artifact A tablet bearing a birthday party invite includes the earliest Latin script penned by a woman. Life on the Inside Open for only six weeks toward the end of the Civil War, Camp Lawton preserves a record of wartime prison life. Seen and Unseen How an ancient artifact is changing the way we practice science. Ancient Tattoos Body art has been a meaningful form of expression throughout the ages. Vengeance on the Vikings Mass burials in England attest to a turbulent time, and perhaps a notorious medieval massacre.

Drones Enter the Archaeologist's Toolkit. World Roundup Prince Albert in a can, a Bulgarian poison ring, first funeral flowers, and shipwrecks in Antarctica. Letter from Bangladesh A father and son watched over a site in northeastern Bangladesh for decades before archaeologists came to see what was there. Artifact A ceremonial feathered shield secreted inside an ancient Peruvian temple.

An Epic Conflict After years of searching, archaeologists uncover evidence for a bloody battle between Rome and Carthage on a small Spanish hilltop. Long Undisturbed A remarkable Etruscan burial is discovered in Tarquinia's famed necropolis.

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Stone Towns of the Swahili Coast Along 2, miles of the East African coast, the sophisticated trading centers of the medieval Swahili reveal their origins and influences. Child's Play A technique developed to estimate the ages of cave artists adds the activity of children to the archaeological record. From the Trenches French Revolution Forgeries?

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World Roundup Pot farms disrupt centuries-old Native American villages, the volcano that canceled summer, Easter Islanders ate rat, and 1,year-old Roman chain mail. Artifact Roman Britain's finest work. Saving the Villa of the Mysteries Beneath the surface of Pompeii's most famous house. A Change of Fortune A destroyed tomb, a stone epitaph, and the last powerful women of Imperial China. A Well-Aged Vintage Archaeologists discover a 3,year-old wine cellar.

Built to Last How Roman harbors have stood the test of time. Messengers to the Gods During a turbulent period in ancient Egypt, common people turned to animal mummies to petition the gods, inspiring the rise of a massive religious industry. Letter From Borneo Archaeology, oral history, and culture deep in the Malaysian jungle.

Artifact The importance of music in Peru. Pieces of the Song Dynasty Investigating a hub of Chinese porcelain manufacture. Mosaic Masterpiece A splendid fifth-century church is evidence of a thriving Byzantine community. America's Chinatowns Dozens of digs and collections are revealing the culture, diversity, and challenges of the first Chinese Americans.

Searching for the Comanche Empire 2 In a deep gorge in New Mexico, archaeologists have discovered a unique site that tells the story of a nomadic confederacy's rise to power in the heart of North America. Searching for the Comanche Empire In a deep gorge in New Mexico, archaeologists have discovered a unique site that tells the story of a nomadic confederacy's rise to power in the heart of North America. World Roundup Andean brain surgery, the first Americans, ,year-old footprints, ancient war elephants, tomb of an Egyptian brewer, and Bronze Age cheese.

Letter From Philadelphia The unlikely preservation of thousands of years of history in a modern urban oasis. Artifact How to ward off an earthquake with Roman magic. Under Mexico City Beneath the capital's busy streets, archaeologists are discovering the buried world of the Aztecs. Revisiting the Gokstad More than a century after Norway's Gokstad ship burial was first excavated, scientists are examining the remains of the VIking chieftain buried inside and learning the truth about how he lived and died.

Telling a Different Story Archaeologists are revealing the dark past of one of the Cold War's most celebrated sites. Egypt's Forgotten Dynasty Excavations at the ancient city of Abydos have revealed the tomb of a previously unknown pharaoh and evidence of a long-lost royal lineage.

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Letter From Scotland Were the residents of a Scottish hillside immoral squatters or hard-working farmers? Artifact A 10,year-old wand offers a new look at the faces of the Neolithic. Erbil Revealed How the first excavations in an ancient city are supporting its claim as the oldest continuously inhabited place in the world. America, in the Beginning Archaeologists continue their search for evidence of how the vast, once-uninhabited regions of the New World came to be populated.

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Monumental Discovery A stunning second-century sanctuary emerges in the heart of Roman Gaul. The Great War in Miniature The excavation of a unique battlefield model provides insight into military tactics and the evolution of warfare. Royalty from the Sport of Kings Unearthing a legend of California racing history. Castaways Illegally enslaved and then marooned on remote Tromelin Island for fifteen years, with only archaeology to tell their story.


World Roundup Digging at Halloween's birthplace, superstition in the Virgin Islands, new paintings at Angkor Wat, and how materials scientists are using ancient Chinese pottery. Letter from the Bronx A collection of objects left behind in a New York City neighborhood connects students with the lives of people who were contemporary with their great-great-great-grandparents.

Artifact Does a Viking figurine depict the goddess of love or simply a very stylish man? Dawn of a Thousand Suns As the beginning of the Atomic Age fades into history, archaeologists work to document a time of uncertainty and experimentation. The Neolithic Toolkit How experimental archaeology is showing that Europe's first farmers were also its first carpenters.

The Power of Images A view of ancient Mesoamerican life through artists' eyes. The Ongoing Tale of Sutton Hoo A region long known as a burial place for Anglo-Saxon kings is now yielding a new look at the world they lived in. Letter From Montana Vast expanses of grassland near the Rocky Mountains bear evidence of an extraordinary ancient buffalo hunting culture. Artifact Paintings on a potsherd show that ancient Egyptian art students were highly skilled—and liked a good joke. Shipwreck Alley From wood to steel, from sail to steam, from early pioneers to established industry, the history of the Great Lakes can be found deep beneath Thunder Bay.

America's First War Uncovering evidence of a little known colonial-era conflict that forever altered the dynamics of Native American and European relations in North America. Gaul After the Romans A cemetery in northwestern France is beginning to expand our knowledge of the emergence of the Merovingian dynasty. Letter From Cambodia Through centuries—and perhaps even millennia—of cultural, political, and environmental change, Phnom Kulen has retained its central role in the spiritual life of a people. Artifact A Bronze Age dagger from Denmark shows that some materials never go out of style. Rome's Imperial Port The vast site of Portus holds the key to understanding how Rome evolved from a mighty city to an empire.

The Vikings in Ireland A surprising discovery in Dublin challenges long-held ideas about when the Scandinavian raiders arrived on the Emerald Isle. Packed for the Afterlife The remarkably well-preserved contents of a Ming Dynasty tomb. Iron from the Sky Archaeologists and planetary scientists experiment with meteorites, ancient Egypt's first source of precious iron.

City of the Moon New discoveries show that North America's biggest prehistoric settlement may have been the center of a lunar cult. Artifact How the other half played chess in medieval England. Mysteries of the Brotherhood Archaeologists are searching for the origins of a secretive Catholic society in northern New Mexico. When in Rome New excavations are providing an unexpected view of nearly one thousand years of life in the capital. Ghosts of the Golden Gate Two ships, two continents, and the ocean that connects them.

The Minoans of Crete More than years after it was first discovered, the town of Gournia is once again redefining the island's past. Letter From Hawaii Ideal conditions within an ancient cave system are revealing a rich history that reaches back to a time before humans settled the island and extends to the present day. Artifact A pagan palindrome in a Christian capital shows how old beliefs die hard.