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Unfortunately, the entire back half of the series is completely contrived. In the fifth episode, the secret conspiracy that the boys are trying to take down pushes back in a fatally stupid way.

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The conspirators call in help from the Americans, black out all cell phone coverage in the largest metropolitan area in the world, and hack into the public transportation bureau. But most damning of all, after the cops find the next terrorist bomb with hours to spare on its time, the conspirators pull them off the case, claiming a different group will take care of it—and the bomb goes off at the appointed time anyway with no civilians being warned or the train with the bomb on it being shut down.

That is a mountain of evidence with a huge and obvious paper trail for both the boys and Detective Shibazaki to go public with. And Shibazaki, a detective disgraced for taking down a corrupt politician, should have no problem going to the media.

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However, bafflingly, both Shibazaki and the boys do not. After making such a big deal about their unwillingness to kill innocents, Nine and Twelve kill an awful lot of innocents in the end—not that the anime even bothers to point this out. And while the anime makes a big show of the police grounding all planes within the blast area beforehand and acts like no one died because of the EMP as it flashes forward a year. This is obviously wrong if you even think about it for a moment. In just the first moments of the EMP, all power goes out in hospitals with the EMP likely frying the backup generators as well.

Anyone on life support or in surgery is likely dead. The city itself plunges into darkness and even cars lose their headlights; accidents abound. No doubt looting and chaos soon follow and people die there as well. Seriously, are the lives of 30 children worth such a massive body count? But with the evidence they had already gathered and the fact that they bombed the most famous building in all of Japan in the first episode, they had already accomplished that goal.

Terror in Resonance is an anime that only works if you are so enraptured with the story that you never stop and think about what is going on. And honestly, with the beauty of the music and visuals, I can understand if many viewers never do.

Resonance Structures in Organic Chemistry

In the end, Terror in Resonance is one of those anime whose second half fumbles the excellent set up of the first, making the anime overall into a jumbled mess. It can be viewed for free and with English subtitles in the US at Funimation. Kotaku East is your slice of Asian internet culture, bringing you the latest talking points from Japan, Korea, China and beyond.

Tune in every morning from 4am to 8am. To contact the author of this post, write to BiggestinJapan gmail. Ready to get started on the path towards a happier, more unified universe?

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There are a number of ways to get involved, from becoming a subscriber to getting the app, to joining us at a meetup or on a travel expedition. Get Involved. Music, movement, connection, celebration and play support the acceleration and integration of all we will be experiencing together during this retreat. Our evening of coherence and celebration will open with a LIVE mini-concert with members of our house band and then dance the night away with 2 epic DJ sets with Andrea Melone and Adam Apollo!

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Dance, gather around the fire pits, soak in the infinity hot tub or sit beneath the summer stars. Due to a series of recent discoveries in archeology, anthropology, geology and even in physics, a new history of civilization is currently emerging. We will explore the wide body of physical evidence left behind by our distant ancestors, evidence that points towards a past that is much different that the one we were all taught in school. In just the past decade alone, dramatic shifts in our understanding of ancient civilizations and their use of technology have been sweeping academic communities. We will review the diverse bodies of evidence that point toward a lost civilization that is much older than traditionally thought possible to have existed on this planet, a civilization that left traces of the use of some kind of advanced ancient technology in megalithic structures located around the globe.

The Resonance Science Foundation has been visiting some of these sites and we will revisit the evidence we witnessed first-hand during the Egypt and Peru Resonance Academy Delegate Gatherings as well as look forward to some of the sites we will be visiting in the up-coming Mexico adventure this November. When connecting the dots collected by researchers in a variety of fields all around the world, we will get a clearer picture of our ancient past, one that reflects upon how we view ourselves currently and helps us to steer our direction moving forward.

What is Consciousness? Journey to the heart of spacetime itself, and discover the quantum geometry of the fundamental lattice of energy which composes all things. From first principles, Adam Apollo will share leading edge developments in Unified Physics, particularly his own work in uncovering the origin of the fundamental forces through the geometry of spacetime, and applying this understanding to the mechanisms of consciousness and the spiritual faculties of being.

Explore the microcosm, metacosm, biocosm, and macrocosm, and discover the fractal holographic synergy between all layers of the Universe, and the ways each layer relates to our experiential awareness. Interweaving the work of Buckminster Fuller, Nassim Haramein, Max Planck, Albert Einstein, and other great thinkers of our Age, gain a transcendent and unifying view of our ongoing dance of self-discovery.

Are you the most charismatic speaker and powerful communicator that you can be? Here is an opportunity to practice and learn, a part of the blueprint that the most charismatic world leaders use. You will understand their secrets and amplify the power of your communication and presence.

You can apply these with audiences large or small and one on one, in your professional and personal life to impact, influence and inspire. Her work and client base span over 50 countries. The Resonance Science Foundation has been developing solutions that unify fields across science, bringing us to a new level of unified science. This allows us to see the big picture: to reach a greater elucidation of understanding the universe and our place in it. Examining the unified quantum gravity models of the holographic spacememory network and examining that in light of the non-trivial quantum behaviors that are occurring in nearly every process of the molecular network of the cell, we see the nexus of biology with all of its biochemical and energetic information processes with quantum gravity and the integral role of consciousness unifying it all together.

Enjoy a morning meditation practice in a beautiful outdoor amphitheater near the oldest redwood tree on the campus property.

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Relax and center yourself in presence as you greet the day and deepen your communion with nature and cosmos. These pioneers will bring to light core concepts of the unified field through the lens of their own research, personal insights and experiences. This will be an intimate evening with some of the most courageous and foremost leaders in the communication, education and application of a unified science worldview.

Clips from the upcoming Thrive II film due to launch in February will be shared for the first time during this immersive evening session. Silat is the martial art of the Malay people.

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  • Join Ariffin Yeop and experience the morning practices of this traditional art from the old world, where you will be guided in the fundamentals of grounding, energy cultivation and connecting with the universal field. In this opening session we will consciously enter into the retreat experience as a community. You will add your presence and intentions into the resonant container we will co-create and maintain together throughout the retreat. By the end of the evening you will have a feel for the journey we are about to embark on and the ways you can play and contribute along the way.

    Water is the medium and language of life. Understanding the unusual properties of water down to the intra- and intermolecular level will reveal greater insight into the nature of this vital substance and how it is so integral to all biological processes and life itself. This workshop will go over the different experiments that have been performed to assess and characterize the effects of the ARK crystals. In addition, instruction will be given on how to replicate the experiments.

    A demonstration will be shown on electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, a methodology used that water undergoes differential electrochemical changes when exposed to the field of the ARK crystal. The electrochemical modulation, indicative of changes in the intra-molecular interaction and proton mobility of water, can be detected via changes in physical properties of the water such as its impedance. The format is easy to modify and suitable for all ages and fitness levels — the perfect way to empower your body for the day ahead. Drumming keeps us in the present moment. We connect with every beat, in resonance with the rhythm, together.

    With each strike we break barriers and awaken our inner rockstar. This will give us the opportunity to center ourselves in gratitude, bottle up our freshly charged and unified energy, and carry it forth throughout our day. For nearly 29 years, HeartMath has researched heart intelligence and how to improve ourselves and our world through personal and global coherence using practical self-regulation tools and technology.

    During this session, we will learn about their latest research findings, engage in coherence practices and initiate a special research initiative within our Resonance learning community.