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Author: Adam Boduch. Publisher: Packt Publishing.

For more information, click here. Synopsis If you are a curious JavaScript developer interested simultaneously in tweaking the efficiency of your code, as well as improving the conciseness of it, and maintaining the readability of it, then this is the book for you.

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Ideally, the book is intended for readers already working on JavaScript projects and using frameworks such as jQuery and Backbone. Even if youre already using Lo-Dash, this book will show you how to use it efficiently. Avoid the date object? Produkte auf Amazon Lo-Dash Essentials. Galileo Computing: jQuery: Das Praxisbuch.


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Links 1: Lodash documentation of sortBy 2: Lodash website 3: moment. The Socialbit story: Just do it Socialbit Event in Freiburg: Entrepreneurship is what you make out of it Event Each function returns values to the calling application which can be implemented however you choose. Libraries normally provide a higher level of abstraction which smooths over implementation details and inconsistencies. The downsides:. A framework is an application skeleton.

It requires you to approach software design in a specific way and insert your own logic at certain points. Functionality such as events, storage, and data binding are normally provided for you. Using the car analogy, a framework provides a working chassis, body, and engine.

You can add, remove or tinker with some components presuming the vehicle remains operational. A tool aids development but is not an integral part of your project. Tools include build systems, compilers, transpilers, code minifiers, image compressors, deployment mechanisms and more. Tools should provide an easier development process.

For example, many coders prefer Sass to CSS because it provides code separation, nesting, render-time variables, loops, and functions. The distinction between libraries, frameworks, and tools is rarely clear. A framework could include a library. A library may implement framework-like methods. Tools could be essential for either. If this sounds too complicated, you could consider coding vanilla JavaScript. JavaScript itself is an abstraction on a tower of browser and OS abstractions!

NET and several other frameworks. It revolutionized client-side development by introducing CSS selector to DOM node retrieval plus chaining to apply event handlers, animations, and Ajax calls. It remains a viable option for projects which require a sprinkling of JavaScript functionality.

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Perhaps the most-talked about library of the last few years, React claims to be a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It was one of the first libraries to implement a virtual DOM; the in-memory structure computes the differences and updates the page efficiently.

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Angular is the first framework — or MVC application framework — to appear on this list. The most popular edition remains version 1. Angular 1. See below…. Angular 2.

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It was a complete rewrite which introduced a modular component-based model created with TypeScript which is compiled to JavaScript. To add to the confusion, version 4. Neither is compatible with the other — perhaps Google should have given the project a different name?! The core offers a React-like virtual DOM-powered view layer which can be integrated with other libraries but it is also capable of powering single-page applications.

The framework was created by Evan You who previously worked on AngularJS but wanted to extract the parts he liked.

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Models are plain JavaScript objects which update the view when data is changed. Additional tools provide facilities for scaffolding, routing, state management, animations and more.