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We had an incredible time in Moscow and Siberia in September, giving me lots of great material. Here are a few pictures from that trip. It's my birthday, and I think you should celebrate by purchasing a signed copy of The Girl from Venice.

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Visitor Posts. Joe Blau. I just finished reading, "December 6". Arigato a million times! MiguelAlbion on Twitter. For a few hours, you brought Jish back to life I am grateful. See More. However my fir Loved the book.

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It was being discussed on a Wigan facebk Page today. Information about Page Insights Data. Martin Cruz Smith is with Luisa Smith and 3 others. Martin Cruz Smith shared a photo. Chief Investigator Arkady Renko from the Moscow police takes the case. Renko is a brilliant investigator — dangerously so. The basic idea of a mother ship is that it can carry small fishing boats that return to the mother ship with their catch. But the idea extends to include factory trawlers supporting a fleet of smaller catching vessels that are not carried on board. They serve as the main ship in a fleet operating in waters a great distance from their home ports.

The Polar Star carries people as crew, 50 of them women. Renko is in survival mode, quietly earning a living in jobs which hopefully are under the radar of people he pissed off in Moscow. He is considered politically unreliable by important Communist Party members, a death sentence in the Soviet Union.

Renko insisted on solving cases which involve prostitution, smuggling, murder and political corruption - all of which are considered impossible under a Communist government.

Our final task was too close the gate

It is two years after the events in 'Gorky Park', and after many hard labor jobs in Siberia which have served to muscle up the Inspector's body, he is now cutting fish up on a boat on its way to Dutch Harbor, occasionally stopping to swing aboard the fish caught by smaller American fishing boats to prepare the fish for later sale and distribution in America. Gentle reader, my mother, an Aleut, went to school near Dutch Harbor, as she was born on Kodiak Island.


Fate steps in to change Renko's preferred state of intentional anonymity - Polar Star crewmember Zina Patiashvili's body unexpectedly falls out of an American fishing boat's net being emptied into the Russian ship's hold for processing. How did the Russian crew member's body get in another ship's fishing net? Was she murdered? If so, by who and why? Renko is reluctant to take the job of investigating the death because he knows solving it will not be welcomed by anyone, but Captain Victor Marchuk gives him no choice; Marchuk has no choice - American monitors are on board the Polar Star per international agreements.

No one else on board has the required skill set to find out what happened.

As Renko expected, he soon is experiencing near-death 'accidents'. It is a good thing he is in such good shape, but even so, he is not safe from fish knives, which everyone has, and bullets, not to mention the freezing cold of the Arctic waters just outside of the suddenly too-small ship of which he is literally trapped. Solving the murder is worse than being elbow-deep in fish slime! Oct 04, Mike rated it it was amazing. Wow, a huge improvement on Gorky Park, which I really liked.

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  • It all takes place on a fish processing boat in the Bering Sea, several years after Renko loses his job and Party membership for the events in Gorky Park. Renko is now reduced to cleaning fish in subzero temperatures, until a murder occurs on board, and he is very reluctantly pulled into the investigation. Unlike Gorky Park, where the reader knows the identity of the murderer practically from the start, this is a stone-cold whodunit.

    E Wow, a huge improvement on Gorky Park, which I really liked. Even better, Smith really creates a sense of place and mood with his depiction of this lonely fishing boat, stuck in the frozen middle of nowhere. One of the most effective mysteries I've read.

    Polar Star (Arkady Renko Series #2)

    Sep 05, Wsm rated it liked it Shelves: fiction. The sequel to Gorky Park is more entertaining than the original. Philip Couldn't agree more - this is unquestionably the best in the series. Renko keeps his head down and cuts up fish.

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    Read the rest of my review at A Bookish Type. Aug 15, HBalikov rated it it was amazing. One of my favorite Renko stories. His first exile and on a Russian fish factory ship where Smith gives you a palpable sense of what that must mean for the body and the spirit. The mystery and investigation is also top notch with typical Renko twists and insights. One of those rare mysteries that I have enjoyed reading over again. View 2 comments.

    Shelves: at-bg-pa , mystery. This is an amazing book. Arkady Renko is a worthy protagonist, and indeed just about all of the characters are well-drawn. One of my favorites was Karp Korobetz, a tattooed gangster who Arkady had sent to prison many years before. He becomes Renko's nemesis in the story, and very nearly succeeds in murdering him, in some chilling action sequences. And they almost become friends by the end of the book, in a scene This is an amazing book.

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    And they almost become friends by the end of the book, in a scene that would be unfair to reveal. Why I missed it back then, who knows? I didn't know much about the author, and had only read his "Gorky Park" long ago. He was a prolific but not very successful pulp-fiction writer in the s and 70s.

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