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Just be sure to avoid these busy times. Your local Post Office probably has a rush right when it opens, so the ideal time to go is mid-morning, about a half hour after the Post Office opens —but before everyone tries to go during their lunch break. Different Post Offices open at different times, so be sure to check your local office's hours before you plan.

What’s The Best Time Of Day To Water Plants? (The Facts)

Got a job interview coming up? Schedule it first thing , before the other interviewees. Your interviewer will likely pay more attention to you and remember you better. Of course, giving a good interview can help with that, too. That means it's a good time to start looking, and if you see something you like, pounce as quickly as possible—the more you have to search from, the better chance you'll find something you like.

And the quicker you pounce, the better chance you have of getting it before somebody else. Check out the best time of month and year to search , too. Do you go for the coffee as soon as you wake up? That might not be the optimal time. Our cortisol levels are at their highest between 8 and AM, which means our natural alertness is already high.

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Your coffee will be most effective if drunk between and AM provided you're on a traditional sleep schedule. So give yourself a couple hours before you brew that cup of joe. If you like to take a little power nap during the day, time it for when your body and mind need it the most. Generally, this is the point in the day when REM and slow-wave sleep cross.

This nap wheel should tell you when that is. Assuming an "average" wake-up time of 7 AM, the optimal nap time would be 2 PM but check the nap wheel for your specific schedule. While you're at it, check out how long to nap for the biggest brain benefits. According to data from email marketer Mailchimp, 2 PM may be the ideal time to send email —since people are most likely to read and respond to emails between 2 PM and 5PM, when most people are probably at their desks.

Meeting scheduling service When Is Good found that people are most flexible at 3 PM , making it the perfect time to schedule a meeting so everyone can make it. This lines up with Mailchimp's data about email—it seems that fewer people have things scheduled for that 3PM time block. Tuesdays are the best day, and if 3PM doesn't work, flexibility is high at 10 and 11 AM as well. Your body uses your lungs and oxygen most efficiently from around 5 PM to 6PM. You're also more coordinated, and your muscles are warmed up, making it the perfect time to do a cardio workout.

Similarly, working out a few hours before bed helps you avoid sleep disruption , so aim for this evening range to get the biggest benefits from your exercise.

It may seem a little late in the evening for chores, but if you're looking for the best possible prices, shopping later in the evening can net you some great deals. It's a bit different for every store, but the later in the day, the lower the prices —so shop around closing time especially on Wednesdays to save some serious cash. Again, everyone's sleep schedule is different, but scheduling your bedtime can help you wake up more refreshed.

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If your plants can tolerate hot weather when the foliage is dry, they will be no worse off when the foliage is wet. The main reason why watering in hot weather is not recommended is due to the rate of evaporation. The rate of evaporation in hot weather is much higher and humidity is often lower. This means more of the water than you provide for your plants will evaporate into the air, rather than being made use of by your plants.

With so many parts of the world experiencing water shortages, it is really inefficient to water your plants in the heat of the day and wastes a large amount of water. Whilst some plants can absorb water through the stomata on their leaves, the vast majority of water is absorbed through the roots. Watering leaves can help to remove dust from the foliage, but rain will do this for you for your outdoor plants, so there is no need.

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  5. If you water your plants during the day, feel free to water the foliage, as this will do no harm. If watering houseplants or outdoor plants in the evening, avoid watering the foliage for most plant species, as this will predispose to opportunistic fungal and bacterial diseases. Most attentive gardeners struggle to fight the urge to overwater their plants.

    For the majority of indoor and outdoor plants, it is best to allow the plant and soil to dry out fairly well and then to water thoroughly. Watering plants small amounts on a frequent basis discourages them from developing a deep and robust root system.

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    When I see people struggling with how often to water their plants, there tend to be two extremes. Firstly, there are people with good intentions, myself included, who tend to struggle to remember that too much water can be a bad thing. Then there are people who just get out of the habit of watering their plants, or forget a little too often. This is particularly easy to do with houseplants and potted plants. I hope people take this the right way!

    Where I work, we have quite a few indoor plants, and I have to regularly inspect them to see if they are being killed with kindness or completely neglected. I do an unofficial plant rescue mission on a regular basis. Plants that are adapted to living in hot, arid conditions can certainly tolerate less frequent watering, but in periods of excessive dryness, they are still going to need watered.

    The timing of watering indoor plants is even more crucial than outdoor plants. Inside, without rainfall, your plants are completely reliant on you for their water and wellbeing. In addition, with lower ventilation, they are so much more sensitive to overwatering or watering at the wrong time of day.

    The Best Time of Day to Do Just About Anything | Real Simple

    The best time of day to water houseplants is the morning, just like outdoor plants. Instead, observe your plant and learn how it reacts to your care. Watch for signs it needs water. Monitor the dryness of the potting medium and condition of the foliage. I often use the weight of the pot as a guide to help me know when my houseplants need watering. In addition, poke a finger into the potting material and feel the moisture in it.

    Learn how moist your plants like their potting soil to be and water according to their needs. If you are observing your plants for signs they need watered, you may see them start to wilt at times. However, bear in mind that this only means that the leaves are not getting enough water, not necessarily that there is not enough water in the soil.